How to Track Which Social Media Network Is Working for You

If there is one thing we learned from social media, it is that they are a crucial part of any marketing campaign, since the majority of consumers are frequently online, and browsing their news feed. Even social networks themselves have become more marketing friendly over the course of time. They can boost your page or buzz a certain post, find your target audience, and now they are even measuring your response rate.Read More »

The Benefits of a Page

Social media is an important promotional tool for any serious business. It allows for a huge amount of exposure without the costs of a big traditional marketing campaign, and provides insight into the preferences and behaviors of your customers. Many businesses have already recognized the value of social media, but when managing several profiles on different platforms, things can get somewhat hectic. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don’t have a simple way of inviting their visitors to interact with the company through Facebook, Twitter and other social websites.Read More »