Now Health International aims to provide its customers quick and efficient services related to international insurance.

Now Health International is a global health insurance service provider that has helped several citizens find the right international insurance for them. Our focus is on international medical insurance and its many forms such as: international student insurance, expat health insurance, and many others. There’s even the so-called “group insurance” which is also an option that you can consider.

Hong Kong is home to the headquarters of Now Health International. But even if you’re not in Hong Kong, there’s still a way for you to have access to the most comprehensive expat medical insurance coverage with Now Health International.

Products & Services
Now Health International provides customers the essential information and knowledge they need in getting international health insurance. We provide useful tools accessible on our website. You can use this tool to get a quote on how much your desired health insurance policy would cost like. Plus, we provide you with international medical insurance plans that come at very reasonable prices so that you’ll remain covered wherever in the world you are.

Our website has a Contact Form that you can accomplish if you have any questions, suggestions, and other helpful comments about our services.