Ohio Inpatient Drug Rehab - Get the Help You Need Today


Our mission is to help as many people in the state of Ohio as possible battle (and win) their substance abuse issues. We offer placements for both long and short term inpatient facilities.

Inpatient rehabilitation is an intensive form of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction that follows the medical detox stage. Inpatient rehab is used at all The Healing Town locations. This shift takes place just after a doctor thoroughly evaluates each client. Those who get inpatient treatment usually have problem with cravings and need to be kept track of around the clock to prevent relapse. This is particularly essential for people who are dependent on a particular compound and can’t go more than a couple of hours without it. While registered in this program, the nursing personnel monitors customers 24/7.

Inpatient residential rehab includes a prolonged time period for treatment, no matter the substance. Programs normally last 30– 45 days, or longer, depending upon each customer’s requirements. Customers are needed to stay at the facility for the totality of the program, including overnight. There is no single treatment that’s right for everybody, inpatient rehab is one of the most effective forms of care for drug and alcohol dependency.