Drs. Laura Sibrava and Neil Zachs along with their whole team want you to know that going to the dentist can become the best of your day when you visit North Scottsdale Dentistry.
Welcome to the North Scottsdale Dentistry Experience
From the smiling face at the front desk, until you walk out the door, you’ll receive exceptional care in an atmosphere that is so relaxing your family will think you just spent a few hours at the spa when you return home.
We know there is so much more to good dentistry than pulling teeth. Our approach to dentistry is to hear your concerns and evaluate your overall dental needs so that we can fashion a unique oral health plan that helps to maintain those pearly whites and the smile that goes with them.
Our Services
Some of our specialties include:
Cosmetic Dentistry — Drs. Zachs and Sibrava use an array of techniques and tools to improve the appearance of your smile. We are passionate about how you feel about your smile so your cosmetic dentist at North Scottsdale Dentistry uses everything from a simple bleaching treatment to an extreme smile makeover to restore what you may have thought your lost. From a conservative refurbishing to a complete makeover, we have the kind of cosmetic dentistry you’re looking for.
Teeth Whitening — We offer a number of teeth whitening techniques, including Zoom, to get your teeth their brightest and whitest. We also offer in-home teeth whitening kits that are simple to use and produce great results in just four to six weeks.
Dental Implants — If you’re missing a tooth or more than one tooth and want to improve your appearance and eat the foods you love, you may want to talk to us about having dental implants. We thoroughly examine your existing bones and teeth along with your gum tissue and lower and upper jaw to ensure your implants restore the natural shape of your mouth.
Pediatric Dentistry — our main goal at North Scottsdale Pediatric Dentistry is to help children maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. We believe that patient education for both parent and child is essential so that good oral hygiene is practiced in the home. We offer complete pediatric dental services including regular check-ups, fluoride treatments, sealants, and tooth-colored fillings. Whoever said that going to the dentist can’t be a fun experience hasn’t met our dentists and staff.
If you have scheduled your first consultation, our caring dentists and team want to hear your personal dental needs and goals, so they fashion a treatment plan specifically designed for you.
We understand that it’s easy to avoid the dentist because of some past negative experience, so we do everything we can to make your time at North Scottsdale Dentistry as relaxing and comfortable as we can.
Wherever you live in Scottsdale, we’re no further away than a phone call. We’re waiting for you with our smile, so we can help you protect your smile.