Translation Service Agency

Pangeanic is a professional translation agency offering fast and reliable professional quality translations in the technical, legal, IT, engineering and many other fields. As a translation agency, Pangeanic provides technical translation and specialized translation services through its team of in-house translators and independent expert linguists in the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and many other languages.
Pangeanic's Machine Translation Division can build custom translation engines that use the client´s terminology and translated texts to reduce translation and publishing costs and delays. Its team offers flexible and tailor-made solutions for the client´s needs.
Whatever the client´s needs, Pangeanic puts at its disposal many years of experience. In this way, the client will be heard, read and understood around the world. Pangeanic offers machine translation services to businesses and other language service providers seeking to apply this technology and improve their production workflows. Thanks to a team entirely dedicated to the production of on-demand automated translations, Pangea systems will offer high-end, high-performance customized engines developed specifically for any company.